Samsung Netbook Powered by Solar - This weekend, all across the U.S., patriotism, BBQs, beer and, of course, fireworks can be expected. What else can be expected this weekend? An eco-friendly, solar-powered netbook from Samsung.

We learned of the new netbook’s pending arrival in the U.S., Russia and Africa from the folks at liliputing. It turns out that the NC215s, hailed as the world’s first solar-powered netbook, is, in fact, reportedly due to hit U.S. shelves on July 3rd for around $400.

According to the manufacturer, the solar panel, which is mounted on the reverse side of the NC215s’  flip-up display, is able to provide about an hour of computing time for every two hours it spends in direct sunlight. The netbook is said to sport a battery that can provide up to 14.5 hours of operating time, though graphics intensive use is likely to knock that number down several notches. The computer features an Intel Atom N570 1.66 GHz dual-core  processor with integrated graphics that draws a maximum of 8.5 watts (actually on the high side for an Atom processor). 

Adding to the computer’s eco-friendliness factor is its recyclable parts.
The  netbook includes a list of other interesting and practical features. A  ”Sleep-and-Charge” USB port that can charge mobile devices even while the netbook is in sleep mode or turned completely off can also provide juice once battery power is depleted using its built in solar panel. The computer’s 10.1″ display has a matte finish to reduce glare and Samsung reports that it is 50% brighter than competing netbooks, leading us to believe it may actually be usable while sitting out in the sun. No word, however, on how Samsung mitigates the heat issue that often crops up when such devices spend considerable time under blistering solar rays. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Free Backstab iPhone Download - BackStab is set on an 18th century Caribbean island and weaves an epic tale of revenge. Hero Henry Blake has been falsely accused of treason and will go to all means to seek vengeance on his British jailers. With a game play mixing action and adventure, BackStab incorporates an open 3D environment for free roaming, dynamic combat and counter-attacks.
Gameloft has announced that BackStab will be arriving for the iPhone and iPad this Thursday. Previously only available on one particular Android device, it will now be available for iPhone and iPad users too. Gameloft announced via twitter that the game would be available on Thursday June 23rd.

The game is now live for $6.99 and can be downloaded here.

A while back Gameloft revealed a new game, ‘Backstab‘, as an exclusive to the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play (who owns one of those anyways?). It’s been a while, but the game has finally made it’s way to iOS (where it’ll actually get attention).

Galaxy ii s Samsung Free Hand On - The Galaxy S II is available from Optus from $42 per month ($19 cap + $23 for the handset over 24 months) and Vodafone from $44 per month ($29 cap + $15 handset over 24 months). Telstra has confirmed that it will offer the phone in July. It’s available for $899 outright but I’ve seen it around for $750-ish.

Open the box and the Samsung Galaxy S II makes a great first impression. 
It’s only a year since the Australian launch of the original Samsung Galaxy S, but the world of mobile gadgets changes so quickly that it feels like a lifetime. At the time the Galaxy S was fighting it out with the HTC Desire for the title of “flagship Android phone”. Both were impressive devices which raised the bar for Android, but in the end I awarded the fight to the HTC Desire - in a points decision rather than a knockout. I favoured HTC’s Sense UI interface enhancements, plus I couldn’t stand the strong blue tinge of the Galaxy S’ Super AMOLED display.

Twelve months later and the two Android superpowers are battling again. HTC has a few options on the table and I was quite impressed with the 4.3-inch HTC Desire HD. Even so, the new Samsung Galaxy S II is breathtaking and I certainly wouldn’t buy either without considering the other.

Screen technologies have always been a key weapon in the smartphone wars, and here the Galaxy S II doesn’t disappoint. It sports a 480x800, 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display. It’s a big sucker, as you’d expect from any 4.3-inch phone, but the device is still amazingly light (116gm) and thin (8.49mm). It certainly doesn’t feel as chunky as competing 4+ inch phones, actually it’s slightly thinner and lighter than its predecessor. In fact the Galaxy S II is so thin and light that your second thought.

At 4.3-inches it’s a bigger display than the original 4-inch Galaxy S, although it still sports the same 480x800 resolution. This is because Super AMOLED Plus boosts the number of sub-pixels, to improve picture quality at the expense of pixel density. The Super AMOLED Plus supposedly brighter and more energy efficient than the Super AMOLED display found on the original Galaxy S. I can’t attest to that because I don’t have the original Galaxy S at hand, but the blue tinge has certainly improved compared to original. The screen stil isn’t as bright as my iPhone 4, nor are the whites as white, something I also said about the Desire HD. The Galaxy S II’s colours are certainly more vibrant than the Desire HD, which utilises a slightly washed-out LCD display. The Galaxy S II also offers excellent contrast and viewing angles. The screen is so glossy that outdoor glare is an issue, but the very bright display helps compensate.

Under the bonnet the Galaxy S II is packing some serious fire power. There’s a 1.2GHz dual-core processor accompanied by 1GB of RAM, which helps Android 2.3 “Gingerbread” run silky smooth. The rest of the spec sheet also looks impressive, with highlights including;

- 802.11 a/b/g/n wifi- HSPA+ 21Mbps
- quad-band 3G (850/900/1900/2100)
- GPS- FM radio- Bluetooth 3.0
- 16GB onboard memory- micro-USB slot- micro-SD card slot
- 2MP front camera- 8MP rear camera (LED flash)
- TV out via optional cable

Free VLC Player for iPad DownloadVLC is an open source multimedia player that plays all the common formats of videos and supports many streaming protocols.

VLC has all codecs built-in. It comes with support for nearly all codec there is. And what is more it can even play back the file or media if it is damaged! Missing or broken pieces are no stop to VLC, it plays all the video and audio information that’s still intact.

Earlier this month it was reported that VLC player had been developed for iPad and submitted to Apple for acceptance to be included in App Store. And finally VLC player is available to download free from the store.

The application’s developers, Applidium, say:

After 2 weeks of review, VLC for the iPad is eventually available on the AppStore! The release date is set to Tuesday, Sept. 21, so depending on your timezone, it should be available pretty soon.

Here is the direct link to VLC player on iTunes. If you don’t see any download option, bookmark the link and try after few hours as the app is being rolled out in different regions
Nokia N9 Case - The executive-style leather accessory comfortably fits and protects your Nokia N9 handset. The design of the case is complemented with beige stitching which enhance the look of your device. The inside is also complemented with soft leather to help protect the handset form damage.

Two Cases in One: The Krusell Orbit Flex Case Nokia N9 come with a removable flip lid, which allows you to have two different case styles in one. On the lid you will find pocket sized cutouts for storing memory cards which provide that extra executive touch when the full coverage style is chosen. Without the lid the Krusell Orbit case still provided maximum protection to back and sides of your Nokia N9 handset

Designed specifically for the Nokia N9 the Krusell Orbit fits snugly onto the handset and provides all the necessary cutouts for full access to buttons and other functions.

Video Team Fortes 2  Free to Play - The knowledge that Team Fortress 2 would be going free-to-play as of... well, right now, has got a lot of people up in arms. You don't have to look far and wide across the internet to chart the angry responses, which is how Refried was so easily able to assemble this graph. Let's look back over the public sentiment regarding this controversial game. 

The hits just keep on coming. By now, you know the drill: Team Fortress 2′s upcoming Über Update is unloading new items for every class, with the latest two being the Scout and Soldier. Crafty types will know that the Scout pack was hidden in the Timbuk Tuesday post, but we’re all seeing the Soldier items for the first time. Check ‘em out, if for no other reason than to lay eyes on the first weapon to buff your allies when you smack them with it (medi-gun heals don’t count).

Steam users can now download and play the entire Team Fortress 2 experience -- including all nine character classes, all official and mod-made maps and the game's bumper stock of updates -- for nothing.

Valve, the game's developer and maker of Half Life and Portal, will only earn money from the shooter's wildly-popular virtual haberdashery of in-game hats and digital arsenal of upgraded guns. The vast majority of that content can also be earned for free through playing the game.

Valve's Team Fortress lead Robin Walker assured Develop Online that non-paying gamers will not be subjected to advertising, there will be no premium subscription models and having a massive wallet won't automatically let you buy the best weapons and trounce the competition.

He also explained that item freebies, which are currently doled out regularly, will still be made available to non-paying gamers, and at the same frequency.

Valve first introduced microtransactions (aka, the ability to spend a few bob on in-game items) in October 2010 with the Mann-conomy update.

Instead of slogging through endless battles to earn or randomly find new weapons, players can buy them from the shop with real-world currency. You can also buy endless numbers of hats like deer antlers, a luchador mask or a plunger for your noggin.

Valve doesn't release sales data, but given the fact that it's resting the entirety of Team Fortress 2's profits on digital headwear, we can assume they've sold quite well so far.

Team Fortress 2 has also been updated with more a newbie-friendly training mode and match-finder, as well as another Payload map, the "Uber Update" (new weapons for the Medic) and the gruesome CGI short Meet the Medic, which you can watch below.

Free Download RecBoot applicationRecBoot is a free utility for Windows and Mac users which allow you to put your iPhone / iPod Touch in recovery mode easily. Its a great utility for for those iPhone users who's iPhone Home or Sleep/Wake button is not fully functional. Moreover this utility saves you from learning the 3-4 steps of putting your iPhone into recovery mode manually. Normally you need to put your iPhone into recovery mode when your want to do a firmware restore.

RecBoot has very simple interface, only two buttons i-e "Enter Recovery Mode" which puts your iPhone to recovery mode and "Exit Recovery Mode" which takes your iPhone out of recovery mode option. The program requires LibUSB utility whos setup is included in the zip package.

Manual method to put your iPhone into recovery includes the following steps:

Connect your iPhone to iTunes.
Press and hold the "Home" and "Sleep/Wake" button at the same time.
As soon as your iPhone screen goes black, release the "Sleep/Wake" button and continue pressing the "Home" button until you see a popup on your computer screen saying "iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode".


Download RecBoot application for Windows
Download RecBoot application for Mac
Nokia N9:Without Keys Home - The presence of N9 inevitably also removes speculation that Nokia will leave MeeGo because it will focus more with Windows Phone, an operating system developed by Microsoft. MeeGo is the result of collaboration between Nokia, Intel and AMD.

Nokia will immerse MeeGo processors in its newest product, N9, is fulfilled. This week, Nokia officially announced the N9 which works with MeeGo.

N9 is the first phone that carries the operating system MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan. MeeGo themselves prepared for the mobile phone Nokia mobile computing category. Fujitsu had previously used a similar processor for netbooks.

So, what is different from that platform N9 MeeGo with Symbian smartphones that carries Anna 3 and Symbian or Window Phone? So far, there has been no clarity about it.

However, pay attention to specs and features that are embedded on the N9, obtained a picture that the phone MeeGo seems closer to the concept of mobile computing. Therefore, Internet access becomes one of excellence.

N9 pentaband supports WCDMA networks as well as quadband GSM / EDGE networks. Technically, this phone has data transfer up to 14.4 Mbps on HSDPA networks and HSUPA 5.76 Mbps on the network. For business transfer speed, became the first N9 fastest. Generally, the maximum transfer speed of 7.2 Mbps smartphones on the HSDPA network.

Mobile phones with ARM Cortex-A8 processor OMAP3630 1 GHz, it is also creating a new cell phone. In this case, N9 negate the home button. He was replaced by a simple movement (swipe). No matter where you are in an application, swipe from the edge of the screen will take you to the main screen.

Having no home button, practically the phone has a screen that is widening. With display 3.9 "WVGA (854x480) AMOLED display, which is supported Gorilla glass technology, users can more displays on-screen applications.

N9 has three screens. This is to allow users to classify daily activity. For example messaging, phone, social networking, multimedia, until the business office.

Nokia also update them for the multimedia features. This phone, for example, can display 16:9 video format. For supported audio decoding technology Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Headphone. Both claimed to be able to surround delivers a compelling, either directly or while listening to a headset.

Batteries are also better. The rest, not much different from the existing features in the latest Nokia smartphones such as E7, X7 or N8.

Playstation 2 Emulator - Successor to the original and is considered by the most as the best & most popular console of it's generation for The Sony Playstation 2 .
The PS2 has the ability to play the games of the older Playstation 1. 

CPU: Emotion Engine 300MHz, 128-bit INT, 128-bit FP, 24KB L1, 16KB Scratch, 8KB VU0, 32KB VU1, 450 MIPS, 6.2 GFLOPS, 66M Vertices/Sec, 2.4 GB/s Internal, 1.2 GB/s Graphics, 3.2 GB/s Memory
Graphics: Sony GS 150MHz, 1.2G Texels/Sec, 32-bit Color, 4MB (48 GB/s), 1.2 GB/sec Bus
Sound: SPU2, 48 2D Voices, ADPCM, 2MB
Data: 24MB (2.6 GB/s), 16MB (81 MB/s), 4.7GB Discs, Expansion 56K Modem Ethernet

Download emulators

 PCSX2  Windows  Freeware         Rating:  7.9 (75523 Votes) 
  Playstation 2 emulator
 NeutrinoSX2  Windows  Freeware         Rating:  7.3 (7449 Votes) 
  Playstation 2 emulator
 PS2emu  Windows/Linux  Freeware         Rating:  7.2 (15043 Votes) 

Unlock for iPhone 4 02.10How to Unlock for iPhone 4 02.10  The devices are really useful for global travelers who want to quickly switch carriers while on the go.

Good news for those who love and covet the iPhone. Apple has officially started selling an unlocked iPhone 4. On the online store you can get both the 16GB and 32GB unlocked version of the Smartphone.

Apple is selling the 16GB version for $649, while the 32GB option is $749. The company still sells locked versions of the iPhone for $199 and $299 for the 16GB and 32GB models.

But the unlocked version may be more appealing to you if you do not want a multi-year service contract or if you want to use a local carrier when traveling abroad.

In that case, Apple says the unlocked iPhone 4 is the best choice. It comes without a micro-sim card, so you will need an active micro-sim card from any supported GSM carrier worldwide. Apple’s unlocked smartphones will only be capable of running on AT&T and T-Mobile networks in the U.S. however, the company said it will also work around the world on supported GSM carriers. 

Buying an unlocked iPhone 4 lets you choose your own GSM carrier, change carriers at any time, and even use multiple carriers if you travel a lot.

how to unlock iPhone 4 02.10
Good news for those who are eagerly waiting to unlock their iPhone 4 with baseband 02.10.04, 03.10.01 or 04.10.01. Vincent, who happens to be the admin of The iPhoneWiki, just confirmed that the unlock for all iPhone 4 basebands equal and above 02.10.04 is almost complete. It means that the upcoming version of Ultrasn0w will be able to unlock iPhone 4 baseband 02.10.04, 03.10.01 & 04.10.01.
Vincent further confirmed that the unlock tool will be out when Apple will release the final version of iOS 4.3. Apple released the 1st beta of iOS 4.3 on 12th January, 2nd beta on 19th January and 3rd beta on 4th February, 2011. According to MacStories, they got a tip from a reliable source that Apple will release iOS 4.3 final on February 14th at 10 AM PST. According to MuscleNerd's official statement on iPhone 4 unlock, they are not going to release the unlock until Apple releases iOS 4.3 final publicly.

From the above speculations, we can guess that all those who are waiting to unlock their iPhone 4 will get it on 14th February, 2011. We hope that iPhone Dev-Team will also keep its promise and will spread love by releasing unlock on the Valentine's Day.

if you interested just go to this link 

iPhone 5 Compare Nexus 4G

There are many rumors swirling around concerning the display, with most believing that the physical size of the display will grow to somewhere around 4” total, while keeping the same screen resolution so developers won’t have to do any scaling with their apps. Technically, this display will still be able to be called a “Retina Display” although the pixels-per-inch count would be lower than the iPhone 4. Finally the jury is still out on whether or not the next iPhone will receive an upgraded rear camera, but it is largely expected that Apple is going to move the flash to the opposite side of the phone to get rid of red-eye and other artifacting that is currently plaguing the iPhone 4.

While rumors and speculation still surround Apple’s next generation iPhone handset – the iPhone 4S or the iPhone 5, depending on whom you believe – other cell phone manufacturers continue to develop newer, faster handsets to compete in the marketplace. This week, a leak took the wraps off what is being called the Nexus 4G – Google’s next flagship Android handset which is scheduled for launch sometime in November 2011. With the next iPhone rumored to be launching in September 2011, let’s take a brief look at how these handsets will stack up against one another.

Nothing is yet known about what kind of upgraded internals the next iPhone will ship with. It’s rumored to be packing a dual-core processor, which is likely a derivative of the A5 processor currently powering the iPad 2. As the iPhone 4 has 512MB of RAM, the next iPhone will likely push this up, perhaps to 1GB. Most analysts and journalists doubt that Apple will be including a true 4G LTE radio in the next iPhone as Verizon is the only carrier in the US with a reasonably sized LTE network at this point.

If it truly is launching just a month after the next iPhone, the Nexus 4G could end up a serious competitor. The processor is expected to be a dual-core processor running somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.2 to 1.5 GHz; this would either be one of Texas Instruments’ OMAP 4460 chips, or a newer Qualcomm Snapdragon. The phone will most likely ship with 1GB of RAM as well. Since it has the “4G” moniker as part of its name, rest assured the Nexus 4G will almost definitely be shipping with an LTE radio in it. Rounding out the rest of the rumored specs, the phone will have a 720p HD display – the physical size is unknown but expect it to be well over 4” at this resolution – and a front/rear camera combination which will probably be 1 megapixel and 5 megapixels respectively.

The hardware is, of course, not much without an operating system to power it. Apple took the wraps off of iOS 5 at the recent Worldwide Developers’ Conference, with most of the major announcements showing off huge improvements in daily-use items like notifications. The Nexus 4G will most likely ship with Android 4.0 – codenamed “Ice Cream Sandwich”. This will be Google’s first version of Android that combines the phone operating system with the tablet version, so it’s expected that it will be a strong offering.

Without knowing more about Apple’s plans for the next handset, it’s tough to say whether or not the Nexus 4G will be an “iPhone 5 killer”. What is clear is that in the end, we’re all benefiting from the heavy competition playing out in the marketplace between Apple and Google, with better and better handsets coming out each year. on iPad - Digital Playground, one of the world's largest makers of adult videos, wasted no time in getting on the iPad bandwagon. Shortly after Steve Jobs announced the iPad yesterday, Digital Playground announced p*rn optimized for the iPad, reported Tech Radar.

 "As the world leader of high-definition productions, Digital Playground is poised to deliver the highest quality movies to all platforms including the iPad," said Farley Cahen, VP of New Business Development.

"Users can now enjoy the handheld experience by viewing on 10-inch screen where prior they were watching on an iPhone or iPod screen."

IOS 5 iphone will be used officially start the fall or early July 2011. There has been no confirmation of whether Apple will release new products with latest software, but certainly the iPhone and iPod Touch users can now upgrade the iPhone in particular 4, iPhone 3G, and iPod Touch generation 3 and 4. 

Just look at the latest update IOS 5, which announced the opening of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2011 in San Francisco, California, USA, on Monday (06/06/2011). A number of features it can be said of copycat competitors, but that's what Apple to patch up the deficiency. 

Android and BlackBerry may say something different than the Apple iPhone with some unique features. But, in the near future, it's hard to say if the iPhone did not have features unique to its competitors. 

One new feature that makes it no longer be underestimated is the matter of notification. There Notification Center, which presents all the latest information updates from the applications used. To view it can be enlarged by pulling the top of the screen down like that disediakn Android platform. 

Apple also has to integrate Twitter into all of the features in IOS. With a single sign on, users of the iPhone or iPod Touch can simply send a photo so finished photographing or directly from the photo gallery. 

Another feature that makes going to compete with BlackBerry is iMessage. As reported earlier, this is a chat service that allows users of iPhone, iPod Touch, and IPAD are communicating with one another with a push message. Persi such as fuel, can send text messages, photos, contacts, and even videos, as well as create a group chat. There are notification messages if sent messages and chat indicator when your opponent is writing. 

The biggest change is the availability of services that provide synchronization iCloud cloud-based content. Here users can access all content owned by the various types of devices owned by whether it is the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch from anywhere. Photo albums from various devices can be synchronized and stored in the cloud for 30 days. Through additional iTunes subscription on Cloud, who never bought music tracks from iTunes are also stored in the cloud so that it can be downloaded over and over again at any time from any type of device. 

Now, the activation of new devices based on the IOS did not need anymore garus done by synchronizing through a PC. users can directly conduct direct activation of the device via a network or over the air (OTA). 

Besides additional major features, the IOS 5 also provides features that make it easier for users. For example, a split keyboard that new and additional features on the camera application. Messages or reminders are also not only be integrated with the calendar but also by the location of the User is located. There are also applications Newsstand as a place to access the content of digital magazines and newspapers. Safari browser also increased features. 

Now, whether Apple will be getting stronger with new features that make the IOS had no shortage of competitors? Yes, although at least look to imitate, it can silence the competition for bragging.
ViewSonic ViewPad 7 and 10 review - now Viewsonic has released two tablet products namely viewpad 7 and 10 which are both based on Android and windwos 7, and of course has different features and viewpad 10 has been available online at Sears.

The following features Viewpad 7:

* Wearing Snapdragon processor
* Android 2.2
* Double Cameras
* 512MB RAM
* 3G

And the following features Viewpad 10:

It has two versions:

1. * Using the Atom processor 1.66GHz Atom
* Memory 16GB SSD
* Windows 7 Home Premium

2. Using the Android OS

The following specifications ViewPad 10 version of Android:

* NVIDIA Tegra 2 Dual ARM cortex (1GHz)
* Capacitive Multi-Touch/Multi tasking panel
* 10.1 "1024 X 600 LCD Screen TFI
* Mass Memory 16 GB
* Mini USB x 1, USB x 1 Full size
* Front-facing 1.3MP Webcam
* Earphone x 1
* Micro SD card slot
* 2 x 1 W speakers
* Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n
* G sensor / light sensor
* Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
* 3500mAh/7.4V Li-polymer Battery Life 80-10 Hours
* Slim design (267 x 173 x 14.3mm) Wt. 820 Grams
* Buttons: Home / Back / Menu / Volume / Power
* OS / Android 2.2
* Headphone Jack
* Built in Microphone

When is a seven-inch tablet not a tablet? When it's strangely labelled a smartphone, like ViewSonic's ViewPad 7.
At this small size it's not really competing with the iPad scale of tablets, more the Dell Streak and Samsung Galaxy Tab. Like those two devices, the ViewPad 7 is running Android, this time in 2.2 trim.
But the strange thing is that ViewSonic is marketing this as a smartphone rather than as a tablet. Admittedly, you can slap a SIM card into the top of the ViewPad and it will operate like a phone, but you'll get a bit of the Dom Joly's should you use it in the street.
Blake Lively iPhone - Lively nude photos have been circulating on the Internet and the lively discussion. In the photo, a woman who looks similar to Lively photographing herself using the iPhone in a bathroom without wearing clothes.

here's the iPhone that used by Blake Lively