If you    another Apple fan, you can find the latest last Thursday and disturbing as an e-mail in your inbox say  iPhone Fantastic 4  now available in white.

The smart phone was previously only available in black, and blogs are the possible presence of mobile phone technology  white whale  months.
Although rumors about the iPhone that are not advertised, and should not exist, the iPhone 5, now obsolete. And a new topic now: the iPhone six.

The latest release of four new iPhone just came out. People talk about the iPhone 5 - press since the iPhone launch on June 4, 2010. And now for the May launch of the iPhone which is rumored to be present in Sepetember, technicians fixed the next version.

That sounds funny, but can be normal in the Hyper-Drive, the world of technology news. So let him. Here is an overview of what the attention of the bloggers are saying about the iPhone in June (repeat: not the iPhone, but the new iPhone is coming in May)

Name: all seem to point to the gadget Apple iPhone programmed in June, but it was unclear whether he really - really be called. Apple chronological never worked in the past.

Start time: 2012 seems reasonable. The Atlantic wrote about another rumor  \\, is useful in the history of the smart phone since its debut in 2007, a new model every year 

Screen: Japanese publisher Nikkan start writing iPhone rumors leaked in June, with a message that says Sharp will be a new kind of mobile screen.

Thinner and lighter: some smartphones - especially Android phone - the most popular as a large screen was considered better to watch the video.

Rumors say Apple  s iPhone will be thinner and lighter six.

What people say about Apple  LCD screen on the iPhone six of the most anticipated, said the technology, low temperature polysilicon display, a size display of art which allows the screen is thinner and lighter, lower power consumption than traditional LCD displays, 

Meanwhile, The Register says that this technology will also apply to the tablet.

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