IOS 5 iphone will be used officially start the fall or early July 2011. There has been no confirmation of whether Apple will release new products with latest software, but certainly the iPhone and iPod Touch users can now upgrade the iPhone in particular 4, iPhone 3G, and iPod Touch generation 3 and 4. 

Just look at the latest update IOS 5, which announced the opening of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2011 in San Francisco, California, USA, on Monday (06/06/2011). A number of features it can be said of copycat competitors, but that's what Apple to patch up the deficiency. 

Android and BlackBerry may say something different than the Apple iPhone with some unique features. But, in the near future, it's hard to say if the iPhone did not have features unique to its competitors. 

One new feature that makes it no longer be underestimated is the matter of notification. There Notification Center, which presents all the latest information updates from the applications used. To view it can be enlarged by pulling the top of the screen down like that disediakn Android platform. 

Apple also has to integrate Twitter into all of the features in IOS. With a single sign on, users of the iPhone or iPod Touch can simply send a photo so finished photographing or directly from the photo gallery. 

Another feature that makes going to compete with BlackBerry is iMessage. As reported earlier, this is a chat service that allows users of iPhone, iPod Touch, and IPAD are communicating with one another with a push message. Persi such as fuel, can send text messages, photos, contacts, and even videos, as well as create a group chat. There are notification messages if sent messages and chat indicator when your opponent is writing. 

The biggest change is the availability of services that provide synchronization iCloud cloud-based content. Here users can access all content owned by the various types of devices owned by whether it is the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch from anywhere. Photo albums from various devices can be synchronized and stored in the cloud for 30 days. Through additional iTunes subscription on Cloud, who never bought music tracks from iTunes are also stored in the cloud so that it can be downloaded over and over again at any time from any type of device. 

Now, the activation of new devices based on the IOS did not need anymore garus done by synchronizing through a PC. users can directly conduct direct activation of the device via a network or over the air (OTA). 

Besides additional major features, the IOS 5 also provides features that make it easier for users. For example, a split keyboard that new and additional features on the camera application. Messages or reminders are also not only be integrated with the calendar but also by the location of the User is located. There are also applications Newsstand as a place to access the content of digital magazines and newspapers. Safari browser also increased features. 

Now, whether Apple will be getting stronger with new features that make the IOS had no shortage of competitors? Yes, although at least look to imitate, it can silence the competition for bragging.
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