Playstation 2 Emulator - Successor to the original and is considered by the most as the best & most popular console of it's generation for The Sony Playstation 2 .
The PS2 has the ability to play the games of the older Playstation 1. 

CPU: Emotion Engine 300MHz, 128-bit INT, 128-bit FP, 24KB L1, 16KB Scratch, 8KB VU0, 32KB VU1, 450 MIPS, 6.2 GFLOPS, 66M Vertices/Sec, 2.4 GB/s Internal, 1.2 GB/s Graphics, 3.2 GB/s Memory
Graphics: Sony GS 150MHz, 1.2G Texels/Sec, 32-bit Color, 4MB (48 GB/s), 1.2 GB/sec Bus
Sound: SPU2, 48 2D Voices, ADPCM, 2MB
Data: 24MB (2.6 GB/s), 16MB (81 MB/s), 4.7GB Discs, Expansion 56K Modem Ethernet

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 PCSX2  Windows  Freeware         Rating:  7.9 (75523 Votes) 
  Playstation 2 emulator
 NeutrinoSX2  Windows  Freeware         Rating:  7.3 (7449 Votes) 
  Playstation 2 emulator
 PS2emu  Windows/Linux  Freeware         Rating:  7.2 (15043 Votes) 
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