iPhone 4 Juni 2010

Review iPhone6  - Even the rumor that  No iPhone  non-notified n , none, 5 iPhone, now humidity. And now a new section  others sixth iPhone

The latest version includes four new iPhone is out.

We  five iPhone talks - the pressure, since the iPhone debut June 4, 2010 in And now, even before the release of  iPhone in May, which is rumored to be in this Sepetember, registered technicians in the next version.

This may sound funny, but  may be normal in the new world of hyper-drive technology. So  we go. Here is a summary of what  the attention of bloggers talk about the  iPhone-6 (repeated again: there is no iPhone, but the new iPhone next 5)

Name: everyone seems to talk about the upcoming Apple iPhone module 6, but not  it was unclear whether  is really - really can be called. Apple s  not chronologically made in the past.

Start time: 2012 seems reasonable. L  the Atlantic, was a new  wrote, it follows that  the history of smartphones, as it debuted in 2007 and now a new model every year 

Show: Nikka Japanese editorial  write iPhone rumors leak after 6, which Sharp says will be a new type  mobile screen.

Thinner and lighter: some smartphones - especially Android - the most popular and a large video screen was better.

Apple iPhone rumors are six thinner and lighter.

Qu  what is said in the Apple  LCD for six of the  the most anticipated iPhone, said the technology appears in the low-temperature polycrystalline silicon, the next generation format  screen, allowing the  screen is thinner and lighter, less power consumption traditional LCD screens, 

Meanwhile, the evidence shows that this technology should be applied  aspect of the tablets.

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