iPad casing for  wall - Anyone who has had or just see the wonders of Apple iPad in action in the media who care capabilities. Carrying your music library around with you is something new, but it can stream video like BBC iPlayer content to a portable device with a screen that is clear like a really great impressive.
So why might you need Wallee iPad Case & Wall Mount Holder? Well iPad major works for you when you sit on the couch or on the train and you hold it like a book, but what if you want to do something with your hands while continuing to see you? Well, that's a little pain when you fail to prop up your iPad against something and it slid toward the smallest vibration.

It's seriously frustrating to say the least. In a step that Wallee iPad Cases and show us the path. Basically looks like a simple hard case for IPAD and comes in black or clear. Clever little bit is cut from the recess at the rear. This allows you to simply clip onto the surface iPad is a very safe, certainly not something you can do with regular stand the best iPad you come across.
All you need to do is choose where you want to mount your iPad, securing clips provided to the wall and to IPAD your case, then clip to the wall iPad. It's really that simple. We secured the clip to the wall with 4 screws self-pressed (not too hard on the old manual labor) and closed with a screw attached to the center. It took about 5 minutes to install (if you're going to do with drilling and wall plugs it could take up to 10 minutes) and after completion 7cm disc is not too annoying because it only sticks out 1.8cm.
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